Ten Sports Live Streaming – IND vs PAK, T20 World Cup 2024

In today’s fast-paced world, staying connected to your favorite sports events has never been easier, thanks to Ten Sports Live Streaming. Whether you’re a cricket enthusiast eagerly awaiting the T20 World Cup 2024 clash between Pakistan and India or a football fanatic keen on catching every moment of the UEFA Champions League, this channel has got you covered. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore every facet of Ten Sports Live Streaming, from its ownership and scheduling details to how you can access live content without missing a beat.





Ten Sports is part of the Sony Pictures Networks India family, making it a significant player in the world of sports broadcasting. Acquired by Sony Pictures, it has been consistently delivering high-quality sports content to viewers since 2016.

Watch Ten Sports Live

You can watch ten sports online conveniently, thanks to various options ranging from cable and satellite TV providers to mobile apps and online streaming platforms.

Live Streaming on Facebook

Ten Sports leverages the power of social media, offering live streaming on platforms like Facebook. This allows fans to catch exclusive content, live commentary, and a closer look at their favorite sports moments.

Live Streaming on YouTube

YouTube is another avenue through which Ten Sports reaches its audience. The official YouTube channel offers live match and exciting highlights, ensuring fans never miss the action.


Ten Sports boasts an extensive schedule of sports events, catering to a wide-ranging audience. Let’s delve into the various components of this schedule.

Cricket Schedule

Cricket enthusiasts are in for a treat with this channel. From the highly anticipated T20 World Cup 2024 to the epic Pakistan vs India clash in the same tournament, Ten Sports has it all covered.

T20 World Cup 2024 Live Streaming

The T20 World Cup 2024 is a cricketing extravaganza set to take place from 1st June to 29th June 2024. Ten Sports 1 will provide live streaming, ensuring you don’t miss a single moment of this thrilling tournament.

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Pakistan vs India Clash

The Pakistan vs India clash in the T20 World Cup 2024 is scheduled in June 2024. Ten Sports will be your ticket to witnessing this epic rivalry live as you can watch IND vs PAK on Ten Sports live HD.

PSL 2025 Live

The Pakistan Super League (PSL) 2025 edition is set to kick off from 17th February to 18th March 2025. Ten Sports live TV will bring you live coverage of all the action and excitement.

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IPL 2024 Live

The Indian Premier League (IPL) 2024 season is set to thrill cricket fans from 22nd March to 26th May 2024. Tensports live stream ensures that you can watch every IPL match live.

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Asia Cup 2024

The Asia Cup 2024, a prestigious cricket tournament, is slated for September 2024. You can watch Ten Sports live today to watch cricket matches in HD.

Olympics Live

The Olympic Games are the pinnacle of sporting excellence, and Ten Sports is your gateway to this global spectacle. From 26th July to 11th August 2024, witness the world’s top athletes competing for glory.

Football Match Today Live

Football fans are in for a treat, as this channel covers all major football events. Whether it’s FIFA, La Liga, Serie A, English Premier League, Bundesliga, or the UEFA Champions League, Ten Sports ensures you never miss a goal, a save, or a dramatic moment on the pitch.

Hockey Matches Live

Hockey enthusiasts can also enjoy their favorite sport through Ten Sports. Catch live coverage of hockey matches and championships, celebrating the speed, skill, and excitement of this sport.

Live Score

Stay updated with real-time scores on Ten Sports live match score. Whether you’re watching the game or on the move, access to live scores keeps you informed and engaged.


Fans always search for Ten Sports app download and for a seamless sports viewing experience, it does offer a dedicated mobile app. Available on both Android and iOS platforms, this app provides access to live streaming, match schedules, and real-time scores, ensuring you’re always in the know.

Ten Sports Frequency

To access Ten Sports, you need to know the channel frequency for your region. These frequencies may vary depending on your cable or satellite TV provider, so be sure to check with your local service provider for accurate channel information. Here are some of the details:

Pakistan Frequency: 4180 V
Satellite Name: AsiaSat 7 & Paksat 1R
Biss Key: 00 113754C6C0CEE1
New Biss Key: 00 52771E11F1D87E
Frequency Paksat 1R: 12686 H 1300
Biss Key Asiasat 7: 00 9BA0B0D45F0A93

How to add Ten Sports to Dish TV?

Adding Ten Sports to your Dish TV subscription is a straightforward process. Simply contact Dish TV customer service, and they will guide you through the steps to add the channel to your package.

How to watch live Ten Sports?

Watching Ten Sports live is easy and flexible. Whether you opt for cable or satellite TV, the app, or online streaming platforms, you have multiple options. For mobile apps, download the app, sign in, and start streaming. Online streaming can be done via our website, YouTube or Facebook.


Ten Sports is a sports enthusiast’s dream come true, offering a vast array of sports events, live streaming options, and real-time scores. From thrilling cricket clashes to football showdowns and Olympic glory, it brings the world of sports to your screen. With its comprehensive schedule, social media presence, and easy access, it’s the ultimate destination for all things sports. So, whether you’re cheering for your cricket team, celebrating a football goal, or experiencing the intensity of hockey, Ten Sports Live Streaming ensures you’re always in the front row. Tune in, immerse yourself in the action, and be part of the sporting excitement like never before.

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